Christmas Card 2016 – The Year of Krampus

Updated: Feb 3

Beware of the Austrian Christmas Monster…


We got this idea from a poster contest that a friend suggested for

I entered the contest and lost, but I got the card done on time!

Here is the final printed version:

Christmas Card 2016 - The Year of Krampus

Christmas Card 2016 – The Year of Krampus

Krampus – Christmas Card 2016 – Procreate Illustration Time lapse.

Krampus is an old legend that many people never heard of, which makes it very intriguing. Someone made a movie or two about it but I have yet to see it. However there is a fantastic Krampus event in Asbury park NJ each year.

Here is the step by step breakdown.

I started out by sketching the idea roughly. When I got something that I liked I created a lay out to 11×17″ specs in Photoshop at 300 dpi. The Christmas card that we sent out out to family and friends is much smaller.

When it was time to add my four kids, I took a photo of them to trace over.

I exported the image to jpg and brought it back into Procreate. The iPad is a bit finicky with layers and at this size I was limited to 27. It sounds like a lot but I like to adjust the layout as I draw so I move stuff around.

Then I saved this as a PSD and colored it up, adjusted layout and type etc. to get the final version.

Pause and scrub this video to study my techniques. Let me know what you think!

Let me know what you think in the comments.



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