Book Review – New World Ronin

Updated: Feb 3

New World Ronin is a bad ass concept book designed to motivate entrepreneurs and artists, or as this book refers to them, Ronin. Ronin are men who are destined to roam the world and conquer it. Written by Victor Pride from, this is very much a concept book, in the way that bands make concept albums like David Bowie is made the album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust.

This book starts off with a table of contents that breaks down the terms used to illustrate the world of the NWR (New World Ronin). These terms really make the writing come to life. At first I thought, why call them Ronin? Why not just say the words entrepreneurs and artists 1,000 times like every other business book? It’s sometimes better to picture yourself as something bigger than yourself – like a New World Ronin in order to get the most out of yourself and truly take yourself on the journey. It’s like putting on Rocky music when you go for a run. When I really need to do some deadlifts only the Brock Lesnar theme song will do. But this book is serious business. I have followed Victor’s blog for a few years and read his more straight forward books like 30 Days of Discipline. This is a comparatively short book, but take your time to digest it. The writing is very densely packed with golden nuggets of applicable knowledge. I highlighted something on at least every third page. Chapter 11 for example, took me 3-4 days to read and think about before completing. If I rushed through it, the concepts would not stick, so take your time.

New World Ronin Book Review

Top Takeaways From new World Ronin

  1. Self-Made and Self-Paid. This is the first level for a NWR, something I am still aspiring to myself. Geting out of the Rat Race and making a living off of your art and your ideas.

  2. Developing the Big 3 Body, Brain, Brand. Another way to simplify ideas to focus on.

  3. Black and White Vs. Full Color Work. There are some great concepts in this book. A big one is Black and White Work vs Full Color Work. Black and white work is the day-to-day work like paying bills and answering emails. Full color work is when you are fully engulfed in your project exercising your full creativity. After getting this simple concept, I rearranged my daily schedule to keep boring B/W work in my low energy afternoon hours. I prioritized my peak hours for Full Color work like sketching out my new book project. One of Victor Pride’s examples of full color work is the book, New World Ronin which he calls a work of genius. Keep in mind, his Pen name is Victor Pride not Victor Humble.

All in All

New World Ronin is an inspiring book that serves as an allegory for starting and continuing your life in business as an artist, writer, entrepreneur, and independent creator. This project is packed with concepts, tips and ideas that I wish I had ten years ago. I look forward to all of Victor’s projects and this one lived up to the hype. Geared towards masculine men with some Mary Kay references thrown in for the ladies. But not for the squeamish. Cheers! Chris

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