Parents of Picky Eaters!

This Funny Story of a Picky Eater Teaches Healthy Food Habits to Kids


The Goal of the Book

Picky eaters are young children that, for one reason or another, refuse to eat the healthy meals that their parents prepare for them. Over a year and a half, I researched and developed a children’s storybook to help young kids become healthier eaters. Picky Nicky: The Nutrition Decision. Kids, You Are What You Eat embeds the lessons into the story so children can absorb them while being entertained by hilarious cartoons.

Picky Nicky Nutrition Decision

Picky Nicky Story Synopsis

This fun, rhyming, illustrated children’s story captivates while it educates about good nutrition and how kids can make healthy food fun! Picky Nicky: The Nutrition Decision is about a picky eater who only eats junk food even though his parents beg him to eat healthy.

One day, Nicky wakes up and finds out the hard way that you are what you eat! With his parents guiding him, he learns about proper nutrition and how to change his eating habits to get healthy. Picky Nicky: The Nutrition Decision takes the reader on a fun journey that educates while it entertains. Events in the story may be fantasy, but the tips and facts are very real!

Lessons your child can learn:

Who is Reading Picky Nicky?

Christopher Silvestre

Christopher Silvestre

Father. Husband.

Cartoon Creator.

My name is Chris Silvestre and I am dedicating my life to connecting to people through visual storytelling; the world’s most potent form of communication. I tell stories that inspire, educate, motivate, and entertain through Cartoons, Illustrations, Books, Blogging, and Animation.

Growing up in Eatontown, NJ, I spent a lot of school time drawing cartoons of my classmates and teachers. I graduated from Cartoon College, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, where I studied hand drawn and 3D animation. I began drawing caricatures at the local theme park. I then moved on to draw and render graphics and animation for training software. During this time I animated personal projects and I landed my first full time job as an animator for iCaramba Communications working on the first Latino Animated cartoon “La Familia”. To become a more well rounded artist, I always varied the industries I have worked in. I have worked as Interactive Art Director in the Advertising Industry and I’ve also built and managed teams to develop training software for the medical device industry as well as for a Global Educational Testing company.

For 20 years, I have been creating cartoon character animation for my fans and for a variety of clients. Whether it’s a real person or a fictional character I use everything in my arsenal to bring these stories to life.

I draw live Caricatures under my company Party Cartoon. As an entertainment artist, I draw cartoons of party guests LIVE while the crowd watches.


I want to make sure that the products that I make are top quality, and that anyone who supports me is 100% satisfied in doing so. If you are not completely satisfied with this Picky Nicky: The Nutrition Decision, send me an email letting me know what you or your child didn’t like and I will gladly send your money back. You can even keep the book.
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